Our Services

At TCS Exhumations we have a vast experience in Single & Mass exhumations some of the works we have completed are:

• Forensic Exhumations on half of the Police Constabulary
• Private Estates
• Building Contractors
• Churches
• Funeral Directors
• Private Individuals

• It is illegal to disturb human remains without lawful authority. This applies to bodies and to cremated remains buried below the ground. The correct legal authority for exhuming or disturbing human remains depends upon the status of the ground of the exhumation or disturbance.

• Where the grave lies in consecrated ground a Bishops Faculty will be required. Where the ground is not consecrated a Home Office License is required. In some instances both will be required.

Services for each project will obviously vary but below gives a broad outline of those offered by TCS Exhumations:

• Site evaluation
• Preparation and implementation of site documentation including ecclesiastical and legal paperwork
• Arrangement for a vicar or priest to attend the site before any work commences and on re-interment to give a brief service or blessing if required
• Arrangement for the removal of remains and the re-interment at a new burial site if necessary
• Site screening
• Site security – including 24 hour security if required
• Full public liability insurance
• Staff fully CSCS qualified & Confined Space Training
• Strict adherence to health and safety procedures
• Archaeological supervision of excavations
• Comprehensive osteology report on all individuals exhumed – if required
• Comprehensive social study report to include coffin typology and analysis of recovered fabrics or objects – if required
• Removal of trees and memorials if required
• An on-site grader to separate hardcore, shingle and soil ensuring cost effective and environmentally aware removal of surplus earth from the site
• Certificate of Clearance

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